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That’s what Alex Bligh from Flexiant were saying, 2 years before 😉

Not yet dead, they are…

Interesting talks this website and White Paper sharing: “Private cloud is ultimately a dead technology”

I also think Data-centers will consolidate and future will see the servers disappearing from companies to shared data-centers… But this is not meaning customers will not build or use a « private cloud » for their own, as you mention already.

I think you are right about “Public Cloud” will go over “Private Cloud”, but because of the SaaS proposals explosion. As soon as customers will find easy and simple “Ready to use” Cloud solutions, they will turn away the heavy, less flexible “Corporate IT Cloud”. That’s the “Shadow IT” currently growing. But I am afraid some (lot?) of them are putting their data souls into cloud SaaS providers; captive, not ethical, less green, really not confidential (if hosted USA regarding PRISM, or France with LPM)…

I am currently building an observatory from French part Switzerland perspective about Cloud Computing. To help my country citizen going to the Cloud using best practices, and avoiding traps. 😉