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C’est une vieille histoire d’il y a 2 ans, mais cela vaut le coup de montrer qu’il faut se méfier de tout, partout, tout le temps. C’est terrible ! Je partage en anglais, pour un plus large usage… 🙂

Windows 8 App Store, for Desktop App is “unsafe”

A true story on about June 2013, or May.

What you see, is not what you get

Care about download “desktop apps” from the Windows Store, seems Google does not hesitate to provide “risky” ads download links… Surprise to see Microsoft including “Google adds” his “desktop store” ( ) ? Of course, this “desktop store” is not, from Microsoft:

When you see “Desktop app” mention below the title, you’ll see


And the link can be any place… So on your own risk 🙂

For sure, when running quickly, seems to come from Microsoft:

search for “VLC Media”


Seems OK this one, click the link to download from publisher, seems normal:


I see an ‘Ad’ in the left, leave it and take the download in the right, oops!!


Hum, FLV media player? Wasn’t VLC instead?


Oh, oh, this one was not the good one, and worst, not a recommended software!!


Of course, if I was correctly scroll down the windows to see the other download link, below:


Of course, the “official” link is a lot better, but not more safe (you can also mute this pub under google adds, but get a new similar)


The download link just propose another (or same) Spyware, I select for fun:
(just avoid using this link)

This second Ads is not better the 1st VLF one


I am just happy to be protected from Symantec.Cloud



The “not Ads” official link below provide a better source:

But this version is already obsolete (official site got now the 2.0.6 version)

 d  e

Risky Google ads?

I just wonder if those Google ads are just “voluntary” or “not” from Google, to down the “Microsoft image”:

  • « Oh see, I install an App from “Microsoft App store” and I was infected…! »

OK, don’t fall under « psychose du complot » !!

Or if they are simply not “false” google ads, as I believe…

As the Whois can be false also:

   Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 14-Mar-13
Expires on: 14-Mar-14
Last Updated on: 02-Apr-13

Haitao Sun
880#, Dongchuan Road
Shanghai, Shanghai 200241

Administrative Contact:
Sun, Haitao
880#, Dongchuan Road
Shanghai, Shanghai 200241

What is fun, if they are “true” Google ads, this site is receiving money when people fall under the trap and infect their machine…

We would like receiving official answers from both, Microsoft & Google for such J. I must say, less 2 weeks after escalated this to Microsoft, this publication was removed from the Windows RT store.

Pascal Kotté. 4 juin 2013,  republication 20 mars 2015.

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